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Basically I've had it !
Was I appalled when Bush was a candidate ? YES
Did I think his campaign was a joke ? YES
Am I against almost everything his father has ever done ? Yes
Did I think it was a nightmare when there was even a chance he might win ? YES
Do I believe there was foul play ?YES
Do I believe he is the rightfully elected president ?

Now don't take me wrong. I don't hate the man personally.
I wish him all the best.
I just think he has to go home to his dad and let someone who fulfills at least the minimun requirements be president.

Someone who has at least some awareness that there is life outside this country.
Someone who doesn't talk about education but sounds like he never went to school.
Someone who doesn't think that killing people is a way of stopping murders from happening.
Someone who realizes that the United States cannot be here if the planet is destroyed by our inability to respect the very environmental balance that keeps us all alive.

So I was watching tv and there is this discussion on some of his negotiations abroad, and I flipped !
It was just more than I could take silently. I have tried being open and accepting of his presidency, but the man is SCARY !!!

Millions and millions of people in this country and those were the best candidates we could come up with ?
Oh, please !!!!

So here it is... A few hours of work to let the frustration out.
One more voice to the crowd who hopes people understand that this is what happens when people choose to go get their hair done or watch tv instead of voting.

(PS: If you are planning on voting for Bush again next elections I know a great hairdresser you should go to )